Announcement: New Advisory Board Members 2019-2023

>>Announcement: New Advisory Board Members 2019-2023

Announcement: New Advisory Board Members 2019-2023

Following the recent 2019 ESGE Advisory Board Elections, the following candidates have been elected to the ESGE Advisory Board:

  1. Professor Ertan Saridogan (UK)
  2. Professor Erich Solomayer (Germany)
  3. Dr Susana Maia (Portugal)
  4. Dr Istvan Argay (Hungary)

Their four year term will start from the ESGE 28th Annual Congress (6-9 October 2019).

Thank you and sincere appreciation to the following Advisory Board Members whose term will end at the ESGE 28th Annual Congress:

  1. Dr Dominic Byrne (UK)
  2. Professor Olav Istre (Denmark)
  3. Professor Antoine Watrelot (France)
  4. Professor Uwe Ulrich (Germany)
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