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Executive Board

G. Grimbizis – GR              President

G. Scambia – IT                  President Elect

B. Rabischong – FR

A. Di Spiezio Sardo – IT

M. Nisolle – BE

S. Becker – DE

E. Saridogan – UK              Co-opted

J. Deprest – BE                   Co-opted

V. Tanos – CY                      Co-opted

Advisory Board

D. Byrne – UK

I. Olav – DK

A. Watrelot – FR

U. Ulrich – DE

R. Rovira – ES

A. Daniilidis – GR

M. Perovic – UK

B. Zegura – SL

F. Fanfani – IT

H. Ferreira – PT

V. Kopitovic – RS

F. Sendag – TR

A. Feki – CH

T. Theodoridis – GR

M. Wallwiener – DE

M. Andeyro – ES

ESGE Central Office

R. O’Flaherty – General Manager

Young Endoscopist Platform (YEP)

Chair: H. Ferreira – PT
Chair: K. Afors – UK

Journal of Gynecological Surgery

J. Deprest – BE -Editor-in-Chief

Past Editors-in-Chief
I. Brosens – BE – (2006 – 2012)
P. O’ Donovan – UK – (2004 – 2006)

Associate Editors
Amant Frederic
Bosteels Jan
Bourdel Nicolas
Brucker Sara
Clark Justin
De Angelis Carlo
De Wilde Rudy Leon
Gallotta Valerio
Gordts Stephan
Grimbizis Grigoris
Jansen F.W.
Jones Abigail
Pados George
Rimbach Stefan
Saridogan Ertan
Schoot Dick
Van den bosch Thierry
Weyers Steven

Gynecologic Oncology
F. Amant (BE)

Evidence Based Medicine & Epidemiology
J. Bosteels (BE)

Reproductive Medicine
S. Gordts (BE)

Gynecologic Imaging
T. Van den Bosch (BE)

S. Weyers (BE)

Past Presidents

A. Gordon – UK

J. Donnez – BE

D. Wallwiener – DE

C. Sutton – UK

L. Mettler – DE

M. Bruhat – FR

G. Melis – IT

J. Dequesne – CH

A. Wattiez – FR

H. Brölmann – NL

R. Campo – BE

P. O’Donovan – UK

R. L. De Wilde – DE

S. Brucker – DE

Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Special Interest Area

Chair: R. Botchorishvili – FR 

Chair: L. Mereu – IT  

Uterine Disorders
Chair: J. Huirne – NL

Chair: J. Keckstein – AT

Reproductive Surgery:
Chair: G. Pados – GR   

Chair: B. Rabischong – FR

Chair: R.L. De Wilde – DE

Chair: F. Fanfani – IT

Chair: A. Di Spiezio Sardo – IT                         

Special Expertise

Chair: N. Amso – UK

Innovations in surgery:
Chair: S. Becker – DE  

Quality Safety & Legal Aspects:
Chair: A. Watrelot – FR & A. Putz – NO

G. Grimbizis – GR

Education & Training:
Chair: H. Ferreira – PT                 

Working Groups (WG)

Working Group ESGE-ESHRE-WES recommendations for surgery in deep endometriosis:
Chair:                     R. L. De Wilde/J. Keckstein

Working Group Niches
Chair:                    J. Huirne – NL

Working Group Fibroids/Adenomyosis:
Chair:                    J. Huirne – NL

Honorary Members

L. Mettler – DE

R. L. De Wilde – DE

K. Neis – DE

K. Isaacson – USA

A. Wattiez – FR

C. L. Lee – TW

R. Sankpal – IN

J. Lang – CN

J. Donnez – BE

M. Bruhat – FR

I. Brosens – BE

E. Cittadini – IT

D. Dargent – FR

M. Gordji – IQ

A. Gordon – UK

H. J. Lindemann – DE

F. Loffer – USA

H. Manhes – FR

M. Mintz – FR

H. Reich – USA

K. Semm – USA

H. Van der Pas – BE

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